Bounty Hole

Will you be a victor or a victim of the Bounty Hole?

That’s right! We’re calling you out…can you make it? We dare all true mudders to take on the most challenging ATV/SXS Bounty Hole at High Lifter Mud Nationals yet! We want to see the toughest drivers and best built machines fight it out in the nearly impassable pit.  Sign up and show us what you can do!

Sign up at the High Lifter Mud Nationals Information Booth before 12PM on Saturday, April 10. There is a $50 entry fee to participate in this event. 

Staging for this event will begin Saturday, April 10 at 12:30PM with the event to beginning at 1PM.

ATV Class: $3000
UTV Class: $3000


  1. Helmets are required.
  2. Starting positions will be determined by random drawing of position numbers during registration.
  3. Pit size is 200’ long and 12’ wide.
  4. Drivers must pull up to the starting line and stop.
  5. Drivers must then make attempt while staying inbounds. Boundaries will be marked, if you cross them you be disqualified.
  6. Drivers may not backup. Once forward motion stops, you are done.
  7. All tires must always stay in the mud. No skimming on top.
  8. The finish line will be clearly marked.
  9. Everyone must have an adequate pull point at the back of machine.
  10. Drivers must have their unit at the staging area at the time designated by officials. Any driver or machine not present for staging will take the risk of being disqualified.
  11. ATVs may not compete with UTVs in same class.
  12. Machine substitutions or changes cannot be made after staging begins.
  13. If one or more machines cross the finish line during the same event, the stated bounty purse will be given to the quickest time.
  14. In the event no machine crosses the bounty hole the stated bounty purse goes to furthest distance.
  15. Participants should not consume any alcoholic beverages, drugs, or any other type of contraband on the day of the competitions.
  16. You must be at least 16 years of age to compete.

All rules subject to change.