Obstacle Course

Show off your bike and your skills by battling through the High Lifter ERX Obstacle Course at Offroad Rally! Sign up at the High Lifter Information Booth in Vendor Village for your chance to win.


  1. ATVs and UTVs can run the course.
  2. All machines must run ATV tires – tires specifically designed and marketed for ATV use.
  3. Standard engine modifications are allowed to include big bore kits, jet kits, pipes, air filters, etc.
  4. No special fuels or turbos allowed to be used unless stock
  5. Drivers must wear a full shirt, long pants, shoes/boots to cover the ankle and helmet
  6. Drivers must be completely sober and submit to a sobriety test.  Intoxication will result in a disqualification and forfeiture of racing fees.
  7. Must have a minimum of 5 competitors for full prize money to be disbursed.
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