Sled Pull

So you think you have a tough, high performance powerful machine…..do you want to test that out? Try your hand at the Sled Pull. While this sport is somewhat foreign to Southerners, it’s just the right competition for an event in Minnesota. Below are the classes and the rules. You must be at least 16 years old to compete. 

Classes are determined by manufacturer model classification.
0 – 500 cc Class
501 – 799 cc Class
800 – 1000 cc Class
RUV Class

Sled Pull Rules

  • Both IRS and SRA style ATVs will run in each class
  • All machines must run ATV tires – tires specifically designed and marketed for ATV use.
  • Standard engine modifications are allowed to include big bore kits, jet kits, pipes, air filters, etc. as long as the total cc limit is not exceeded for the class.
  • No special fuels or turbos allowed to be used unless stock
  • Pulling vehicles must have fully operational working brakes
  • Pulling vehicles must have rear fenders
  • No loaded tires, additional or hidden added weight.
  • Machines can only be registered and ran once in a class. No switching drivers for a second run.
  • Driver must remain seated during the pull.  No bouncing allowed.
  • Remove trailer hitch ball so that clevis can hook to machine
  • Driver must remain seated on the machine while sled operator is hooking and unhooking sled to machine.
  • Drivers must wear a full shirt, long pants, shoes/boots to cover the ankle and helmet
  • Drivers must be completely sober.  Intoxication will result in a disqualification.
  • All pulls will begin slowly, relieving the slack in the tow chain until the chain is tight between the hitch and sled.  NO INITIAL JERKING ALLOWED.
  • The first person to pull in each class has the choice to accept the first pull or to re-pull.  The decision MUST BE MADE BEFORE 2nd competitor begins his/her pull.  The re-pull will take place last in the class.  The re-pull rule only applies to the person who has drawn to pull first in the class.
  • Depending on time constraints, competitors may be given 2 rounds and be allowed to choose the best time of the two.  This is up to the officials to determine.
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